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editing/manuscript consultation

I will work one-on-one with you on your manuscript -- from the initial stages of developing ideas, through holistic editing, through line editing.  Whether it's an inkling or a sketch, a stack of pages in a box or folders in a computer, or a fully developed manuscript, I can help you realize, shape, and refine your thoughts, paragraphs and words.  

flexible working methods

We can work face-to-face at your home or in a cafe or library, by phone/text, or by mail/email, or a combination of all three, whatever you prefer.  We can work on manuscripts seeking a publisher, or those being polished for a publisher.  I have years of experience helping people develop the rituals and discipline to see their ideas into the light.

variable rates and services

I try to suit the time I spend on your project and your costs to your budget and goals.  I will always give you an estimate on my time and cost up front and try to work within your budget.

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