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  1. Beatrice

    Denver, I miss the archive.
    Give it back.

    Or send me a book with it all printed in, perhaps handwritten.

    Or perhaps, no.
    But you almost ought to, I read those poems really often.
    really really often. I even got one particular favorit but I won’t tell you which one. But it spoke a lot about the usa. And I have never been to the usa. And for about an hour ago, I cut a part of my hair of. About 5cm, de facto. And it’s not because of the archive or some other odd reason. I did it because it surley would be a bad idea. But it wasn’t. So about that handwritten book again..

    1. denver Post author

      Hi Beatrice,

      Thanks for writing. The archive is coming back soon. I’ve been in the process of re-doing my website and it will all be back . . . like your hair most likely.



  2. Paige

    Hi. My name is Paige and I am a senior right now in Advanced Placement Literature. This past semester we came across some of your work and I thought it was interesting. Once we were assigned a research paper this semester, I picked you as my poet. I have to incorporate at least three poems and a few papers written about your work. I am having a tough time finding a lot of vaulable research, so I was wondering if it was possible to ask you a few questions myself.

    1. denver Post author

      I’m trying to get more stuff up here, Todd, but have been busy with writing new poems and editing new manuscripts . . . soon, I hope.


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